Hello, my name is Tony Marrese, I’m a very nice man, born of Italian parents into the dark armpit of hackney, London, England, earth just by the sun, but nearer the moon… I really enjoy mucking around and I do my best to avoid opening letters. I studied furniture design for 4 years at LCF which set me up nicely for the next 20 years as a Dj playing at fetish clubs, Bad Bobs, Hanover Grand, Bagleys, House FM, Passion FM, The Cross and many other dirty holes from here to Ayia Napa. I also made/was in some TV for Channel 4 inc, Ayia Napa fantasy island, Heavy TV and ‘How to be a Man’, where I was well funny and handsome. I am a competition winning landscape gardener [Daily Mirror gardener of the year] and you can see me gardening on perpetual loop on sky channel 888 till the end of time.     Comedy however is my first love, after pigeon stroking and just before paragliding with the cats. You can check out some other super comedy short films and sketches by pressing the KILLTV button under videos. This will take you to a place I share with two other grown men that are foreign yet charming, together we form KILLTV.     I started stand up at the end of 2009, since then I have been gigging around the south east doing character comedy, straight stand up and lots of MCing… in fact I would recommend me as an MC as I’m cheap and very amusing.I do all this for the love of art, but if I find a bag of gold under a bush I’d give it all up in under 52 seconds.Love me as I once loved you



TV work: for Channel 4 includes writing and presenting on ‘Heavy TV’ and several comedy documentaries.

Web Comedy: Currently making sketch comedy with KILLTV, commissioned by Zeppotron.

TV Advertising: Currently the face of ‘Racing Posts’ new football bet campaign as lead Brazilian TV presenter

Stand up: 18 months on circuit, regular compering @ ‘UP THE CREEK’, ‘Central London comedy club’, ‘Bromley comedy club’, ‘TNT’ and ‘Comedy Punch’.

Stand Up

Stand up sets at clubs from 10 – 25 minutes. Comedy style: Straight stand up, energetic performer. Surreal and character comedy inc ‘White Rasta Man’ trip to the moon, and ‘Tony Strong’ LA fitness instructor. Surreal puppet act with ‘optimistic prime and his sidekick Johny Fantango’.

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